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Annelies Soomers (1943) lives and works in Bunnik. She has exhibitions in The Netherlands as well as abroad.
Her work has many faces. She does not like to be restricted by a stylistic straitjacket.

Motion, emotion and colour are essential elements in her paintings, which are sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, but usually combine these two elements.
Important sources of inspiration are found in nature and in philosophical as well as biblical concepts.

A subject she works on in her paintings is the enormous variety and the vulnerability of nature. In Garden Notebook she tries to register what she sees in her own garden: fragments of animals and plants, the traces they leave behind, and then 'zoom in' on them.

Another theme she is fascinated by is the narrative tradition of mythology and the bible, and the great metaphorical characters who tell their stories about human values and dignity.

In a recent subject, Just Food, she explores the idea of food as a human right and the relationship between texts from the Declaration of Human Rights and biblical texts dealing with food.

In Animalia, a series of drawings in ink on Thai-paper, she tries to represent animals as creatures with a character, in a way that, when you look at them, you will feel a bond with them. She draws their portraits with humour, poetry and a touch of tragic and melancholy.

Also in her sculptures in bronze and stone, humour and poetry are important elements. She starts from reality but tries to reach a form as sober as possible but with a maximum of expression.

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